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From Paris to Montana Shakespeare In the Parks: Costume Design in Action


Costume inspiration starts somewhere!
Costume inspiration starts somewhere!


Costume design has always been an elusive part of theater. But the best costume design is so good that it looks like it just belongs.


Little do we know how much work, sweat, thrifting, and pure creativity go into every detail of costumes. It could put Pinterest to shame. Claudia, Montana Shakespeare In the Park’s costume designer, explains her process:


I knew it was important to have a few strengths besides costume designing so I chose crafts and millinery. Sandra Leko, easily found on line. is a major source of millinery supplies so she is my first stop for a few basics, With steam you can change the shape of feathers, straw or felt hats, you can revive flowers and even set wigs. Feathers can also be dyed, easily done when starting with white. A good hat, in my opinion has to be art that frames the actors face. The actor wearing the hat has to find his/hers center of gravity when placing the hat on their head so it doesn't want to fall off. An extra fun touch with Melinda's hat was buying ribbon in Paris ...the experience was just plain fun for me. It was a good excuse to interact in a small mercerie and the ribbon holds wonderful memories. The great flowers are a lucky find at JoAnn's are main Bozeman source for so much stuff!"